0% Margin or how to give value

    What does it mean 0% margin? check it and take advantage from our best odds in Marathonbet

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    The best European football competitions are back after the Covid-19 pandemic paused the action, and Marathonbet is offering 0% margin for certain pre-match markets on five leagues – the Primera Division, the Premier League, Serie A and the Russian Premier League.

    Without a doubt this is a huge benefit for punters, but for that you have to understand how you will see the benefit.

    Do you want to know how the 0% margin is applied by Marathonbet?

    Bet with Marathonbet with 0% Margin and our best odds!

    What is the 0% margin in the top leagues?

    This is a strategy adopted by Marathonbet to distribute best prices among customers on all the money invested in bets on certain pre-match markets in the Primera Division, English Premier League, Serie A and Russian Premier League.

    All bookmakers in the world make a profit by applying a small margin to the volume of bets generated in each market.

    To find out the % that a bookmaker takes in a “Match Result” market (1X2), do this simple calculation: 100/home win odds + 100/draw odds + 100/away win odds. The difference between the result of that operation and 100 is the % margin that a bookmaker takes, so the closer you get to 0, the more value you get with your bet.

    The closer this margin is to 0%, the greater the distribution between customers (which translates into higher odds so that, all things being equal in the same market between different bookmakers, you can choose the odds that will generate more profit).

    0% Margin in the Primera Division

    The Spanish Primera Division returns with an exciting Andalusian derby between Sevilla and Betis on Thursday, 11th June.

    It’s been a long wait for fans to once again enjoy all the emotion of Spanish football. For this reason, Marathonbet has made the decision to put the customer first. The value is in the odds.

    0% Margin in Premier League

    We have to wait until the 17th to once again see the best British football has to offer. The Premier League returns with a great match between Manchester City and Arsenal, as well as a duel between the surprise package Sheffield United and Pepe Reina’s team, Aston Villa.

    Compare for yourself the odds between bookmakers and check the Marathonbet odds as the Premier League returns to action.

    More leagues applying 0% margin

    In addition to the top league competitions in Spain and England, you will be able to find certain pre-match markets with 0% margin in three other major leagues:

    • Italian Serie A (which begins on June 20th with the Torino-Parma match).
    • Russian Premier League, due back on June 19th in a league clearly dominated by Zenit Saint Petersburg.

    Now it’s up to you and your choice of bets so that you can find the anticipated markets with the best existing odds in the five most attractive leagues as they resume.

    How do I benefit with a 0% margin?

    You’re making sure you find some of the best value odds in the betting market. As the odds for a bet is the equivalent of the price for a product, what you look for as a customer is to get the same product at the best price, or in this case your bet placed at the best odds.

    Do I have to do anything to activate the 0% margin on my bets?

    No – there’s nothing you need to do because this is not any kind of promotion. All you have to do is go to your account and review the markets of the 4 major football leagues that return to activity after this period of quarantine.

    * *Margin applies to certain pre-match markets only. Exact margin subject to fluctuation around 0%.


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